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Keys to saving your business in this recession:
• Integrate your data to be available online, offline or mobile
• Switch to a software hosted solution that allows you to do business online
• Reduce your IT costs by eliminating the need for data management

• Build a virtual business accessible to your key team members anywhere, anytime

Synergy Hubs is an expert in establishing businesses with the highest integrated online presence, implementing a hosted software solution that bridges your company with your clients whether you are online, offline or mobile. We are the only e-commerce solution provider that brings together Adobe Business Catalyst and Zimbra Collaboration Suite with our innovative Zimlet.

With this Zimlet, our team of innovators brings your hot status clients to your fingertips, synching your business with your mobile PDA device. Eliminate high maintenance servers and allow yourself to save big by maximizing productivity. The ability to outsource only the key tasks that are essential to the survival of your business allows you to only have the best talents working for you from anywhere around the world. This cloud computing technology allows your company to steadily grow while we save you time and money.

This ultimate online selling solution simply eliminates your redundant workflow processes. With a single solution, instead of multiple complicated data applications, there is no training curve for your virtual employees allowing for continuity within your organization. Our automated technology is the uncomplicated solution to discovering increased revenue and is essential to not only the survival of, but also the growth of your business without turbulence.

Jumping from a single in-house server to a hosted platform solution, whether PC or Mac, will put your business ahead of the competition during this recession. We understand this process and are the people that will build it, implement it AND host it for you!

Twin hubs to transition your company to the cloud …

Sell. Adobe Business Catalyst is a powerful internet marketing and sales platform. Synergy Hubs uses it to support and integrate your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), website and hosting, e-commerce, newsletter marketing, affiliate marketing, auto responders, support ticketing, forms, blog and next-generation analytics.

Sell easier.
Zimbra Collaboration Suite is an innovative messaging and collaboration application. When combined with Adobe Business Catalyst, Synergy Hubs offers the ultimate selling advantage - email, shared calendaring, instant messaging, and document management. All available online, offline and mobile.

Sync Adobe Business Catalyst and Zimbra with our cutting-edge Zimlet to ...
Simply sell easier now.

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